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 Post subject: Interesting Read
PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 4:03 pm 
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I received this in my email.. Don't know why, but read it and I found it to be rather true & to the point in most cases. Enjoy~!!

From: "Simon Goodman" <admin> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 20:14:02 -0400


Thanks to the feedback I received this week I thought I'd answer a few
more questions.
The overwhelming majority was regarding the new Gambling laws in the
So let me first try and tackle the legal issue.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act:
All the bill does is a modernization of the wire act of 1961, the new
bill attempts to make it more difficult to get money into a gambling
site by forbidding US financial Institutions from funding the type of
online gambling which the law has previously made illegal.

The new bill does NOT make online gaming illegal where it was not
illegal before they just closed some loopholes regarding payments.
Let me say that again. The new bill does not make online gaming

This is the actual text of the law, ... =h109-4411

This is what msnbc had to say on the mater,

Online Poker is not illegal
The judiciary has already held that the 1961 Wire Act doesn't speak to
poker. It only applies to sports-betting.

The US government doesn't have jurisdiction to make rules for a company
that resides offshore.
US rules do not apply in other countries as they have their own set of
For various reasons, almost all the gaming sites are offshore and not
subject to US laws.

Neteller, an online money transfer service, is also an offshore
company, not subject to US laws.
But they decided to stop online gambling transactions because of the
perception that the US public has of the law.

And this is the reason some online companies have pulled out of the US.
Because they are publicly listed they cannot be seen to be breaking any
US laws.
Furthermore as some of the shareholders are US citizens that would make
the whole company 'US based'.

- The law applies to the casinos, not the player. If they allow you to
play then you are not breaking the law.
- The law applies to US based casinos; many casinos are already based
offshore for financial reasons.
- 11 states made it a federal law preventing online gambling, in those
cases there is no way around it. You cannot gamble online in those
- The law only applies to US citizens.

Are Slot Bonus Game skill based?
No, bonus games are cleverly designed to give the impression that
choosing an item over another will somehow change the outcome. In reality,
it does not, otherwise some clever programmers would find a way of
changing the outcome.

Do 'big' players win more?
Statistically, yes, because your best chance of winning, (on slots), is
to bet the maximum possible for every spins.
But remember, (statically), you will still loose in the long run.
But many 'professional' players will win huge jackpots, (because they
were betting the maximum), and in turn go on casino notice board and
tell everybody about it.
What they don't tell you is that they had to invest thousands of
dollars to get that one big win.
That's human nature, people will tell you when they win big, but they
will be very quiet when they loose big.

Does using the slot "quick spin" or table "fast deal" make a
No, when playing an online casino, everything you see on your screen is
'eye candy'. Nothing you do on your side will control the outcome of
the spin/deal.
When you hit the spin button your computer 'asks' the casino, (over the
internet), for a result. That result is then displayed on your screen,
(in the form of a slow spin with flashing lights and some pretty
In the past the spin was used to wait for the response from the
internet, but now the connection speeds are such that you can have 'Fast
Deals' or 'Quick Spins'.

Why does it take so long to withdraw my money?
Simple, they hope that you will change your mind.
By holding on to your money for one month they know that you will
probably want to gamble again, and they hope you will loose and stop the
But you should not wait more than a month for a withdrawal to clear.

Winning with Bonus Money
Some casinos will give you $xx either for joining or simply for been a
good guest.
In the small prints certain casinos will ask you to bet 10 times the
bonus amount with real money before you can claim any wins.
If you win with Bonus money they might 'hold' the winnings until you
have actually cashed-in the required amount of 'real' money.
Sadly, some online casinos will hold any wins that you get with the
bonus money.

Again, choosing your casino is key to having an enjoyable experience.

What is my favorite online casino?
A few of you wanted to know what my favorite casino is, I have many,
but I think I will keep those to myself otherwise I would appear to be
promoting one casino over another.

Other questions?
Remember, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to send them
to me, (just reply), and I will try and answer them as truthfully as I


Simon Goodman

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 9:20 pm 
Site Admin
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You are right Missy.... VERY interesting indeed!

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