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Here is what we know about this situation! What I’m about to say is not speculation, but rather based on historical facts. Mike Yates, owner of Bingo Vega, and BingoPlayersUnion (BPU) go back to 2005. We had many Player complaints that Bingo Vega refused to pay its winners. Mike Yates would come up with all kinds of excuses to get out of paying his players. Bingo Vega soon earned a reputation of being a Rogue Bingo Site.

There were numerous player complaints about Bingo Vega, not only at Bingo Players Union, but also at Online Players Union (OPU), Winners On Line (WOL), (OBN), Casinomeisters and a handfull of smaller Online Bingo Forums. OPU, WOL and BPU still have many archived Bingo Vega complaints that can still be accessed.

As you can see Bingo Vega, under the leadership of Mike Yates and his father John Yates has a long history of cheating their players. Although we knew they were cheating their players and we helped many players get their payouts, There was never any real solid evidence to the extent of the cheating.

Finally in January of 2012, a long time trusted employee of Bingo Vega submitted concrete proof that Mike Yates was rigging the games at both Bingo Vega and Casino Vega. The evidence can not be disputed.
Click here to view that evidence
The evidence consists of copies of emails, chat logs and copies of Bot (fake) accounts that were used to play against their paying players. The emails and chat logs show how Mike Yates was instructing certain trusted staff member in rigging games and tournaments and making bot accounts.

Somewhere back in that time frame, Mike and John Yates expanded their empire by putting together deals to buy and run a list of other Online Gambling sites, both Bingo and Casino game sites. Here is the list:

Acquiring these domains, licensing, and software fees, required million of dollars of capital investments. The Yates Family found many investors who trusted them and invested vast amounts of capital. Over a period of time, the Yates Family, found a way to block their investors access to the sites they invested in and took complete control of all the administration functions along with complete control of all funds coming into these sites. Their investors were left with no recourse. The investors found themselves in the same situation as many of the Bingo Players Mike and John Yates refused to pay! Who do you turn to for help? Since this is all done off shore, what jurisdiction do you turn too? So you think you might be able to sue them? That is a joke and the Yates know and count on that. Their whereabouts is a closely guarded secret. This is an affluent white family from Canadian suburbia who hide behind anonymity. The mere fact they are hard to find is what allows this to continue. But this is changing because we now know where they are hiding.

I received an email today from a player who call Mike Yates at the phone number listed on the Bingo Palace warning page. Mike told them they had split with former workers in Costa Rica and those people banded together and are upset and hacked into the sign in page. THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!

The Truth is The Yates Family had to leave their long time base in Costa Rica and go into hiding in Canada because a group of investors they stole millions from were hot on their trail. Mike did leave a small group behind to take care of everyday operations. This group of investors hired investigators to track the Yates. During the course of all this, we were contacted by an investigator that claimed to be working in conjunction with a Canadian Federal Task Force. They too were looking into the criminal dealings of Mike and John Yates.

So what happened to your Favorite Bingo or Casino Site that now has that warning about the Yates Family on it? In a nutshell!! The Group of Investors, that spent a fortune getting the sites up and running were finally successful in regaining control of the domains they invested in. All they got was control of the names (urls), nothing more. The Yates still control the money and player base. In the eyes of the investors, the Yates family has destroyed the names and reputations of these sites and they have no plans to reopen them. The sites are:

The story does not end there. The Yates Family prepared themselves, in the event that the investors did succeed in getting back the domains they invested in. They bought a bunch of copy cat domains that they plan to open! Their story will be these are replacement sites for the ones that were hacked into. The list of copycat sites the Yates own and might open to replace the ones they lost include:


Gambling Sites cannot exist without depositing players. The Yates Family is enjoying a lavish lifestyle on Money they cheated and stole from players, investors, affiliates alike. Do not involve yourself with these kinds of people. If you continue, you may find yourself involved in a Federal Investigation.

These people still owe players from December 2013. They do pay a select few, now and than. Word has it that they take in over $300,000 a month in deposits, but not paying out to their players.

A word to the wise. Don’t be fooled when you see open or instead of dot com. Just remember, They did not pay the URL owners for the business and while lying and scheming moved all the web servers and equipment and fired all staff that had worked with the previous owners. Help us put an end to this corrupt operation.

The Best way to stop the Yates Family is put in for a Chargeback through the credit card Company you deposited with. I will be opening a Chargeback Forum that will offer advice on how to do this. You can get back what you deposited into these sites going back 6 months, maybe longer. Click here for information on how to do a Charge Back

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