Employees at bingo sites not paid/said sites now closed down
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Author:  Laina Brown [ Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Employees at bingo sites not paid/said sites now closed down

Five of us worked for Michael Constantine Chambers as cm's, head cm' and designer (Lynda,Garry,George, Tom and myself)...The owner was once with bingo entertainment group, his new business venture is named QX LOGIC
We worked for him for a couple of months ending feb 25th....zany bingo...zodiac bingo...cashmill bingo...playtime bingo...funtime bingo and A1bingo.......We trained then he opened to players but never was able to get the servers to work properly for depositing and simply told all of us we no longer have jobs due to to breakdown/crash, processer broke or something to that effect.....none the less, we did our jobs as instructed and were not paid our hours.... Since this time, I have been in contact with him several times a week only to be strung along with excuses and being told almost every week..."its been sent" only to wait yet another 3 days to find it's not been sent and "it will be 3 working days" and "we had bank holiday" and and many many excuses and every week saying "its been sent" or "sending it now because it wasnt sent when I thought it was sent" This last time I asked for copy of the transfer....I was so sure he was being an honorable and respectful man fully intending to pay up simply by how nice and seemingly sincere he was in his responses to me....If he honestly had intention of paying us then why not tell us right off the bat that he can't afford to do so right now instead of stringing us along weekly having us believe the money will be in bank? Was almost 2 months of these weekly fabrications....He is ingoring the phone calls from the cms living in Cyprus
Ever since our last day, until today, Thursday April o9, 2015 Michael has always replied....My latest messages to him for those last few days are shown as "seen" but have not been responded to PLUS now he has blocked me on facebook to be able to message him anymore...I finally believe now he may not have any intention of ever paying us... I sent 4 messages all "seen" but no reply......We hope your bingo players union can help us get our pay! I've given you Names of all the employees wanting to join us along with their hours and pay owed. Thank you!

Author:  Laina Brown [ Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Employees at bingo sites not paid/said sites now closed

I would like to thank Richard from BPU for the time invested trying to help us out in this matter. I am assuming that the fight is over and there doesn't seem to be any way for us to get this pay.
For anyone interested, (although Richard did work hard for us) we never did get paid ....
The owner of the site turned out to be "a wanted man" for alleged thefts in Cyprus. (I have the newsletter link) Last I heard, he later turned himself in...Guess this means we will never be paid...amount owing to myself is aproximately
$1,000.00 American......The others I am assuming are owed about the same.

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