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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:07 am 
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Before I start this ,let me give you a definition of a House Player and some information you may or may not be aware of. A House Player is an individual (real person) or a Bot (fictitious Player). Both types serve the same purpose; To give an unfair advantage to the House and save them money.

Any player who wages Free Bonus or trial money against a Real Money Player may be a House Player. Because of all the different types of Bonuses offered by various sites, a player many not be aware that they are playing against their fellow players and playing for the house.

If you want to make a determination as to are you playing for the house, all you need to know is if you win on the Free Money can you cash it out? If you can’t than you are playing for the house. It’s as simple as that. There are some Bingo Sites out there that avoid all the controversy over House Players by not allowing players with free money to play against their depositing players. You are encouraged to seek out these sites, if you want to avoid being a House Player and increase your fellow depositing players chances of winning a pot.

Keep in mind that the Majority of Bingo Sites have allowed players to use Free Money given as a bonus or gift. This does results in a short term advantage, for the house. But in most cases the few dollars are waged and lost.

I have always said the Byworth Software seems to be the easiest software to be manipulated by those individuals who are licensed to use it. This opinion is based on years of observation and reports from Industry Insiders.

Let me digress for a moment and tell you about my first experience with Byworth Software. One the first Bingo Sites I played at Was Glamour Bingo. This was about 2004 - 2005. I was new to online Bingo and have never heard the term House Player before. I was playing and chatting and the Topic briefly came up in chat. I was curious and thought House Players was a job the site gave to some people. I was friendly with the chat host so I asked her some questions about it in Private Chat. My impression was anyone that won a lot was a House Player.

I continued playing and than I won 6 or more games in a row. I was amazed because I never had a streak like that before. Than the CM came on Private and said. “See! You won all them games! Do you think the other players think you are a House Player? Lol”. I never forgot that incident. I also had a hunch that just maybe someone helped me win to make a point.

Recently! Cashmill, Bingofun, PlaytimeBingo and other sites in their network Followed BingoEntertainmensts decision to pull out of the US Market. Regardless of what these Network owners tell you , that move had a huge financial impact on them. We all witnessed the despair and hardship many Chat Hosts and Managers suffered, when they went unpaid for months. Sure BingoEntertainment did finally pay them! But not before the issue went public. Common sense tells us that when a firm can no longer pay its employees, chances are money is tight.

The same situation happened with the Sites in the BingoFun Network. The so called new owners also refused to pay the help they fired or those who left after waiting months to be paid. Some, as of this writing, are still hoping they will get paid.

If you heard the hardship these site owners put their staff through you would be appalled! Utilities were shut off, autos repossessed , eviction notices received, not to mention the mental anguish and stress they had to endure.

Another indication that BingoEntertainment sites and BingoFun sites were having a hard time is when they networked all their sites. This meant that BingoFun, Cashmill, Playtime, RV, Zodiac and Zany Players all play the same game in a single room. The only thing that is different is the sites wallpaper.

No doubt the consolidations intent was to make the sites look like they had a normal amount of players playing and the could offer somewhat larger pots. If the sites were not consolidated you would only have a few players at each site with very low pots. Its all smoke and mirrors folks.

Now comes the need for House Players. Introducing House Player or Bots at this time achieves 2 things for the owners. It inflates Player count ; Bot accounts can be created and funded any number of times. They can be manipulated to come and go like real players. Even given a voice, if need be. Its their activity that increases the house’s take, by keeping the money in house. They can even offer big pots because the chances a real depositing player will win one is slim to none. All one has to do is observe and you will see the same people winning the bigger pots, while the regular players win or split the cheaper games.

We all seen the Screen Shots that CM Debbie took before she left BingoFun. The notorious Stonelady had $142,350 in her account when they closed ZanyBingo to US Players in September of 2006. That is $142,350 that was taken from their players. Her file shows she never did a withdrawal since the account was created by a staff Member in March of 2004. The other 2 accounts, Goldiebingo and bingoem were created, by the owners in July and August of 2011. Chat logs produce show the Owners acknowledge their existence.

Don’t be fooled when you enter their site and it appears the bots and House Players are gone. These corrupts owners monitor our forum and when an Issue about them gets attention and press, they slow their illegal activities down some. Until, as Rumi puts it, “things blow over.” Once they think they are out of the limelight, cheating the players continues.

As far as BingoEntertainment is concerned, I have no hard evidence that they are using bot accounts. I do however know they use Players to play for the house. I was a House Player for Glamour Bingo from early May of 2011 until August 2011. My play went on for about 90 days so I had a first hand education of how they do it. I chose to do this because this was something that had to be done to document the truth.

It all started with 2 small bonuses. A $10 Birthday bonus and regular $5 Bonus. My bets were between $1 and $2. Just as I was about to go broke I won $50. The majority of my play was Dynamite Bingo or 80 ball win in 10 or less. I even threw in some slot games when I had excess funds. Both games were 7 cent cards and I usually play 28 card for $1.96. I mostly pre-bought the Dynamite games. I took my original $15 and got as high as ,just short of, $800.00 Since my winnings were all with Free Money and it had been over a month since my last deposit, none of my winnings could be withdraw. Toward the end of my 3 month play it was not uncommon to win 2 of the 13 Dynamite Games that I pre-bought.

So what can we conclude from my 3 months of playing? First off, the software must have known I was a free money player and had not deposited for over a month and had a way of monitoring my game play. I found that when my funds got low and I needed a win to continue playing, it was provided. Maxing cards was of no use. They had a 38 card max and I would buy my regular 28 cards. When the pot was really high, I would try adding in the other 10 cards, to no avail. If I was scheduled to win I would, if not, I wouldn’t. The Byworth Software picked up on my game play and made it possible for me to continue to play for the house and against their depositing players. Had they not blocked US Players, I’m sure my winnings would have continued. I was careful to take screen shots of my activities, just incase BingoEntertainment refute my claim.

I believe it’s quite evident that The BingoFun Network and BingoEntertainment Sites Have stacked the deck in their favor. BingoFun was caught red handed using newly created Bot Accounts! There is also evidence that Sister Site Zany Bingo used bots as far back as 2004. We have demonstrated how the licensed Byworth Operators misuse the software to cheat their player. Yet some still continue to play there. Cleaning up online bingo is not so easily done when the players themselves are part of the problem. Perhaps when Players get more educated on the tricks and deceit, that is rampart in our industry, things will begin to change.

If there is one message I would like to get across to players its this: Players have all the power. If you find a site is cheating! Stop depositing there. Without your money these sites can’t exist for very long. It’s a simple fact! Stop Supporting Sites that have been proven to be corrupt.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:10 am 
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:24 am 
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Nicely done Richard! You all have no clue what I put Richard through while he was on his mission, but he was strong and did what he had to do... ALL TO HELP THE PLAYERS!

Been there and done that.. lost many "friends" by telling the ugly truth. A similar situation is what prompted me to become a player advocate!


PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:08 am 
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great informative post. ^:)^

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