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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 2:30 pm 
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Bren said:
I'm thinking at this point many CMs and bingo industry workers are a bit nervous to post, thinking it could mean their jobs.

I find this totally hilarious! Not you Bren, but the concept. Where are people's backbones?? If posting in a forum like ours is any reason for a site to dismiss a CM, my opinion is that they are better off for it!

I would think that in considering employment offered by one of these sites a person would/could do one of two things as far as posting on the forums go. They could either work there by day and stab them in the back here by night.... OR... they could work for them by day and also work FOR them by night using this forum to post things that would make the site more interesting to players who may not have been there.

We have heard all kinds of moaning and groaning about what the United States government has done concerning our rights. I find myself wondering why the offshore, out of USA sites have such a "hold" on American people. Freedom of speech is our right!

The big picture for all of this is very simple. BPU and members dig. We dig into rules and reasons for them. We dig into non paid winners and try to find out why they weren't paid. We ask questions that the industry would just as soon not answer. We compare notes and come up with common "things that we noticed" while in a particular game. We are so very close at figuring out how this bingo software is designed, without having cold hard proof, that the sites get very nervous when we talk about it. If they have nothing to hide... what the hell is the big deal?

When online bingo first started it was EASY MONEY for anyone with the cash to start up a site. They still get easy money because we all know that the rules implemented by the majority of these sites are to make withdrawals extremely hard.

Time and time again, BPU has tried to work with the industry. Time and time again they treat us like we do not exist. We know they KNOW WE ARE HERE! Otherwise why would anyone be afraid to post here for fear of losing their jobs? We are monitored by MANY sites on a regular basis.

Cya went to a lot of trouble trying to make this industry thread for those of you looking for jobs or CM's, or to just have a place to chat when the day is over. Not having been a CM I think he covered all the bases admirably.

If folks "fear" of what the industry will do has enough effect on their decision to post at a public forum, I think those ought to re evaluate their
ideas of WHO is running their lives.

But I would rather have them "come disguised" and speak as to not speak at all!

 Post subject: right!!!!!!!
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 7:49 pm 
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You are so correct Sissy....... and lets not forget another right off shore sites are trying to negate with their pseudo-totalitarian attitude.. the right to assemble! That includes forums and meetings and groups that are held peaceably and quite within the constitutional rights of American citizens.
For any site to declare a rule or premise that is in conflict with the democratic principles of America should not be tolerated as having any "entertainment" value at all.

I truly hope this industry people space becomes a valuable and worthwhile arena that will not be compromised through fear or fall under the intimidation tactics of offshore business conglomerates.

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